How to rock your Instagram Marketing in 2018 and 2019.

Reaching new customers and building your business in 2018 and 2019 with smart Instagram Marketing. Instagram Marketing is going to be even more important in the future with the rise of a new generation, the development of new technologies and an increase of platform users. Learn more in my newest blog.

Well hello there, nice of you to pop by and check out my blog.


Today’s topic is going to be about Instagram Marketing and how to reach new customers in 2019.


I don’t know if it’s appropriate to already talk about 2019, but I really don’t care if it isn’t. The thing is, we have to stay ahead of the game. Even though 2019 is still 6 months away it is time to start preparing for it.



What we already know!


Instagram stories!


We know that Instagram stories is booming business. If you’re not using it, I’d suggest you start doing that asap.


When it comes to Instagram stories you can either choose to set up a marketing campaign or an advertisement campaign.


When it comes to a marketing campaign you basically work with your own content which you yourself post on strategic moments.


The difference that the advertisement campaign offers is that they will become sponsored story messages which will pop up in your target groups stories. You can set up your advertisement campaign in the power editor via Facebook.



I would use a combination of both to maximize the use of this great feature. And when it comes to adding more flavor to your marketing campaign I would make sure that you invite ant to take your followers inside your business. It’s proven that followers and customers are interested in the day to day operations of your business.


So, use that to your advantage.


Going live!


Want to be more in touch with your followers and customers? Great, start going live more often. It really lowers the barrier of reaching out to you and your company and it gives you the opportunity to interact on a higher level with your customers.


Don’t just go live only to find out that you don’t know what you’re doing. Prepare yourself, set a theme, organize a Q&A, show a new product or even better, show how it’s made.


Your followers will appreciate it.


One more tip on going live. Don’t just go live, announce it up to 3 to 4 days before that. Treat it like it’s an event in which you bring more value to the table. People should hear about it so start to spread the word before you go live.


User generated content!


The best advertisement is of course mouth to mouth. If you hear from a good friend that this new bakery down the street is good, you’ll be more likely to go there yourself.


User generated content is basically that mouth to mouth advertisement. It’s the social proof of that what you’re selling or are offering is good and that it is worth every penny.


You can incorporate user generated content within your stories or within your feed.

@milktraincafe, @gymshark and @hema are good examples of companies that use user generated content.




Simple, start asking people. I mean they’re already following you and have probably purchased your products which means that they already believe in you. You’ve had a positive impact on their lives and people just love to share positive things that made them happy.


You can also use this to boos your branded hashtags by creating a call to action. Simply state that by using your branded hashtag you’ll be able to check out that persons post and feature it.


People just love that.


It’s connecting to your audience and building on that whole tribe idea. Take this thing serious because it will help you boost your business.


What’s to come?


Generation Z


I’m a millennial and I’ve really enjoyed all the attention that my generation got in the past few years, but it is time to get realistic. Soon we will not be the new kid on the block anymore.


That new honor goes to generation Z or also called the Centennials. You want some facts? Sure. By 2020 Centennials will from over 40% of the market and this is the first generation that has not known life without the internet or social media.


Just let that sink in to you.


They are the first generation that does not know of any life without internet or social media. So, you can bet your ass that the best place to reach them is on social media.


Needles to say, it will pay off to start researching who the centennial influencers are and what their interests will be.


A bit of sneak peak information? Centennials sense of style is a lot more simplistic than that of the millennials.


Augmented reality


Augmented reality and virtual reality are going to take over.


AR has already been implemented into Instagram stories a lot and all kinds of third party programs and apps allow for a better customer experience via social media platforms.


For example, it’s possible to see how that new couch is looking in your living room and with the latest virtual reality technology you don’t need to go to an open house to see the inside. It’s not as widespread as we would like but it is growing, and more and more people are starting to use it.


We’re betting on it that AR and VR will become very important factors in strategizing your social media campaigns.


Native advertisement.


The time of using ugly sales posts is over. It’s just not done anymore. Want to sell via your Instagram feed? Make sure that the content your using merges seamlessly with the esthetics of the platform.


The best advertisement is the one that falls right into the specific look and feel of your feed. If the “more information” or “buy” button wouldn’t be there, it would just look like a regular post that fits right into the other content.



It’s estimated that native advertisement will grow with 150% by the end of 2020.


So that’s a no brainer right there.



In short.


Business can grow even more by smartly using stories and going live to reach more people and building a better relationship with their customers. Important part of building a better relationship with your customers is the use of user generated content. You should start with that asap.


What the future holds for us is unknown of course, but we can see that it is important to research new target groups and get a better understanding of new technology developments such as AR and VR.


Next to that, Native advertisement is undeniably important when it comes to your overall social media content strategy.



And that’s it for now. Did I leave something out of which you think is very important for the coming year? Please let me know.


Also, let me know what you think of the blog and if you can use this information to your benefit.



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