Top 3 reasons why you’re not succesful on social media

Holding yourself back with negative thoughts on social media.

Sounds familiar right? Well, you’re not the only one walking around with some negative thoughts on social media. The question though is, are those thoughts true or false? Find out in todays blog.

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Today’s topic? The top 3 thoughts that stop you from growing your business on social media.


-“I don’t know what to post”


-“Social media is way to saturated for me and my business to stand out”


-“I don’t have time to do social media”


If I would get a euro for every time that I’ve hear entrepreneurs say that, I would, well I would be having a lot more money than I have right now.


The point is, a lot of entrepreneurs are missing out on great opportunities that social media is providing for free or for payment.


It’s well known that more people watch YouTube instead of TV and that more people read articles on Facebook than there are people reading the newspaper.


So, to not jump on board and start investing in a professional social media account is basically refusing to evolve and change your business to stay successful. And since the above three points is something I hear on a daily basis, I thought it would be a good idea to address them head on.


So sit down, pay attention and make some notes for yourself.


-“I don’t know what to post”


Alright, alright, alright. I get it, you’re an entrepreneur, not a marketeer. But you see, that’s just not the right mindset to have on social media.


Don’t know what to post? Why not post about what you’re actually producing, selling or providing? You have a great company? Awesome, why don’t you right a short story about how that company came to be. People just love that kind of background story and it helps connecting to more people on social media.


And there is so much more. You’re not just selling a product are you? No, you’re providing people with a lifestyle that they couldn’t get without your help. Write about that, fire up your community and establish your brand.


Just a service provider? Come on now. Think of it like this. People have a problem, you have the solution. Give free content away, lock in that niche and start to build your group of likeminded people on social media.


Don’t know what to post? I think you do, you’ve got this so long as you give yourself some time and room to work it out and let yourself be creative.


-“Social media is way to saturated for me and my business to stand out”


Yes, social media has become quit the crowded place. But, to saturated to be able to stand out? That’s just not true. If any, because social media has become such a big world, people will look for more specific accounts, businesses and people. You should take advantage of that.


It’s not so much a social media thing, it’s more of a (the time we live in) thing for people to demand more specific services, products and more specialist experts. It’s just the way it is right now and social media plays into that really well.


Do you have to think a bit harder about what you’re offering in terms of services and/or products and how to package that? Yes! Is that a bad thing? No! It will only ensure more quality in your business and satisfied customers.


So, where to start? Start by locking in your niche on all of your pages. Make sure that you have a very straight forward and simple description of what it is that you do. Match your content strategy and hashtag strategy to it and be consistent in uploading content. Do all of that, be patient and your good. Eventually, you’ll stand out, you’ll get noticed and people will start to show interest in your business.


-“I don’t have time to do social media”


And I don’t have time to clean my house, but I do it anyway. Honestly, you know it’s important so saying you don’t have time to do it is a lame excuse and you know it. If you really don’t have time for it (which is perfectly acceptable) you should outsource this task. And since outsourcing tasks such as “accountancy”, “websites”  , “content creation” and “marketing” is perfectly acceptable, so should social media be.


You probably pay a good amount of money to build your website and to keep it running all the while people these days don’t even visit your website anymore. First introductions with businesses is taking more and more place on social media. So in other words, your pouring money into a website that doesn’t do anything for you and your social media presence is severely lacking while most people will want to meet you there for the first time.


Where’s the logic in that.


And look, I’m not talking about web shops. That’s a whole different ball game. I’m talking about website who basically function as very expensive online business cards.


Investing in having a good social media presence, building a (small) community and driving traffic from your social media to your website is what you want to do in 2019.


I hope you found this blog to be of value and I hope it will help you set steps towards having a better social presence. Let me know if I can help you with anything. It’s our passion and mission to help entrepreneurs when it comes to their social world and we would love to talk to you.

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